Tuesday, January 13, 2009


"Wisdom may be admired. But what really inspires mankind, what quickens the pulse and lifts the spirit, is its opposite: a display of magnificent, reckless impetuosity.
Just think about it. It's not wisdom that wins the Victoria Cross. It's the insane dash against impossible odds. It's not wisdom that paints the Mona Lisa or composes the "Eroica" Symphony. Wise people would never go into the arts in the first place. It's not wisdom that compels people to push themselves to the limits of endurance in order to realise some mad dream. It's a glorious perversity deep in their souls. And it's not wisdom that inspires people to risk everything in pursuit of a seemingly hopeless love affair. It's uncontrollable passion, and the existential urge to taste danger before you die."

Richard Morrison, The Times

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